Cirque Returns To South Florida With 'Corteo'

Mauro, the Dream Clown in his bed. (Photo by MajaPrgomet)


Mauro, the Dream Clown in his bed. (Photo by MajaPrgomet)

James Cubby, Arts Writer

Cirque du Soleil returns to South Florida with "Corteo," one of the company's most enchanting arena productions. "Corteo" played Miami in 2019. The show comes to Amerant Bank Arena in Sunrise beginning Thursday, July 11,

miamiartzine spoke with Corteo’s Artistic Director Olaf Triebel who says, “Cirque is back in full force after completely shutting down during COVID. The entire company shut down for nearly 2 years but we’re back with over 20 different entertainment experiences traveling the world or in permanent venues.”


"Corteo," a joyous procession or festival parade, celebrates the life of Mauro, the main clown, in a carnival atmosphere while being watched over by quietly caring angels. As in any Cirque show, the story acts as a vehicle to showcase the cast of performers presenting a myriad of amazing acts.

High flying act Paradis (Photo by MajaPrgomet)


High flying act Paradis (Photo by MajaPrgomet)

Tribel says “Although the story is based on a clown’s (Mauro) fantasy of his own funeral, it really a celebration of life.”

The show acts include the Bouncing Beds (six artists jump on two beds performing acrobatic feats), Acrobatic Ladder (a show of unnerving balance and finesse), Artist Marionette (a human marionette), Chandeliers (four ladies, the clown’s former loves, perform aerial acrobatics on three giant chandeliers spinning above Mauro’s bed).

There's also Cyr Wheels (a performer inside giant wheels), a Helium Dance (a poetic moment between Mauro and the little Clowness), Duo-Straps (a mesmerizing aerial act), Golf (a comedic take on the game), Juggling (three young artists blend juggling and acrobatics utilizing rings, hoops, and clubs), Paradis (a breathtaking act mixing high-flying and trampoline-like bouncing), Suspended Pole (a young ingenue flies and contorts high above the ground on a suspended pole), Teatro Intimo (a tiny and zany version of “Romeo and Juliet”), and Tournik (a group of artists perform in an act that combines horizontal bar techniques with circus acts).

Jugglers (photo by: MajaPrgomet)


Jugglers (photo by: MajaPrgomet)

Mauro's story  is told in flashbacks from his childhood to his imagined funeral. Since the show tells the story of a clown there’s an unending procession of clowns to keep the action moving. There’s the main clown, Mauro the Dreamer Clown, there’s also a Little Clown (a prankster in love with the Clowness), a Giant Clown (who fancies himself an opera singer), the White Clown (who opens the door to the magic of the circus), and the August Clown (the White Clown’s antagonist who always messes everything up).

Corteo first premiered in Montreal in 2005 and has visited more than 60 cities in 19 different countries. Corteo last visited the Miami area in 2019 and returns for 12 shows from Thursday, July 11 to  Sunday, July 21.

Tribel says some of the same artists that appeared in the original show (2008) will be returning including The Clowness, an audience favorite, a giggly, little person known as the Grand Dame of the stage who floats over the audience in a moment many call the highlight of the show.

“Corteo boasts an international cast including eighteen nationalities," says Triebel, adding “there’s even one performer, an acrobat, from Florida.”

He says it is a show that has "something for everyone."


WHAT: Cirque du Soleil "Corteo"

WHERE: Amerant Bank Arena, 1 Panther Pkwy, Sunrise, Fla.,

WHEN: July 11 to 21

TICKETS. Tickets prices start at $64


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