Editors Picks

OM Brings Britten to Liberty City

The founder and artistic director of Orchestra Miami promote her native city and hopes to better its communities by infusing it with music. Fernando Landeros interviews Elaine Rinaldi about this weekend's concert performance.

Movie Reviews

Goofy 'Aloha' Takes Its Time To Say Hello

Cameron Crowe's aggressively quirky tale of second chances and colonial tug of wars takes a little while to get warmed up, then it reels you in. Ruben Rosario has the review.

Arts at Large

New Generation Makes FlamenGo

José Enrique Morente and Juan Habichuela Nieto, who have flamenco in their genes, prove their own worth at FlamenGo. Fernando Gonzalez has a review.

Arts at Large

Freedom Tower's Groundbreaking 'Ground'

Exhibition at the Freedom Tower "Ground Beneath Our Feet" presents a unique art book by twenty-four South Florida writers and artists. Monica Torres has the story.

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