Editors Picks

Miami Brother, Sister Bring 'Woods' to Arsht

Brother and sister acting-producing team and Miami natives partner with the Arsht Center for an intimate production of the musical Into the Woods. Michelle F. Solomon has an interview with the pair.

A View From a Broad

A Revisionist's View of Valentine's Day

Just when the horrors of the New Year have bid their fondest adieu, another magnificently traumatic and demanding holiday peeks over the horizon. A View from a Broad looks at V Day.

Feature News

Curtain Up On Temple's Theater Series

A play produced in 2013 gets another staging this weekend and a Florida premiere of a new play gets ready to debut in a new theater series.

Feature News

Oscar Noms: Snubs Plus Historical Nods

The nominations for the Academy Awards are announced. Notable snubs include female directors, but there are some history making nods, too. Michelle F. Solomon has the story.

Dance Reviews

Miami City Ballet Creates Real Harmony

Miami City Ballet's Hear the Dance stays in fine pitch with a program that was responsive to a repertoire of beautiful music. Guillermo Perez has the review.

Movie Reviews

Jerkitude: The Year in Film

2014 will go down in history as the year that jerks reigned supreme in the world of movies. Ruben Rosario has the year in review.

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